Working with Vanley

The exploration and conservation of culture and connecting histories has always been forefront of Vanley’s activities, whereby his knowledge and experience adds value to the projects he works on and the organisations he collaborates with. Whether delivering talks or lectures, photographic shows or exhibitions, or even bespoke commissions, Vanley’s eye for detail and critical analysis ensures he addresses complex topics with the correct of level sensitivity whilst delivering high quality.

Image Reproduction

Vanley Burke’s vast photographic collection has captured over forty years of political, social and cultural change in the United Kingdom. From Handsworth to the Gambia, India and South Africa, Vanley’s images capture the moment and emotion, the fashion, the style, the culture, and the life and times. From schools, academics and researchers, to media agencies, a variety of organisations licence his exclusive stock images for film, television, print, and other educational purposes. 

Exhibition Hire

There are a number of large and small innovative touring exhibitions available, which are suitable for a variety of venues and creative spaces. Each of the exhibitions available can be contextualised in differing ways but broadly explore the relationship between culture, society and life, and the interaction of people and their environment. These thought provoking collections are internationally available and reflect themes of historical and contemporary significance.